St Helens Summer Streets Festival

There was dancing in the streets of St Helens this weekend!

Movema and partners provided a fun afternoon of dance, music and acrobatic performance and workshops for city centre shoppers and community.

The programme included Bollywood and Flamenco performances, Movema’s Afro Fusion piece featuring various African Diaspora movement styles and special tricks and flips from the amazing Airborn.

Movema also formed an energetic Carnival Bloco and paraded through the streets with drummers from Lafarda collective, community participants and comedy friends on stilts from Nutkhut.

We also led two World In a Box workshops with props and fun routines, which were enjoyed by local children, families and onlookers.

If you would like to try dance with Movema, we are re-starting our World Dance Wednesday classes from September 11th in Liverpool.

We also have a new World Fusion Class starting in Bristol in September too.