Celebrating Diversity Through Dance


Participants experience:

Positive change in mental well-being85%
Improved sense of belonging to the community90%
Positive change in physical health85%
Value created by every £1 invested£4.45
Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis
by Social Value Cymru 2022


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We have activities for people of all ages and backgrounds including free classes in Bristol and Liverpool.

What people say

“Dance is the most popular activity in our programme now”

Support Worker at the Peony Project

‘Movema has a great approach to teaching, great in sharing cultural knowledge’

World Fusion Class participant

What We Do

Cultural Communities

‘We can share experiences bringing the community together. Seeing the whole world as a big family without barriers allows everyone to appreciate each other’s culture’
Project participant

Children and Young People

‘We have seen some developments in B’s mindset and approach to performance, focusing on positive thinking and positive reflections’
Unlock the Box Youth project

Creative Productions

I love the way diversity is really embedded in the [performance] work, it’s the real deal and there’s a sense of warmth and celebration that comes through.
Angus MacKechnie, Director of Outdoor Arts UK

Creative Pathways

Building a relationship with Movema and other artists, and knowing that additional support is available has made me more confident to pursue learning and working in the field.
Addae Gaskin
Wildfire Rising

What Guides Us

Movema celebrates diversity through dance, creating safe spaces for different communities to come together and learn about each other through high-quality arts experiences.

Latest News

Everybody Dance Bristol

Movema’s ‘Everybody Dance Now’ project continues at Filwood Community Centre, Bristol. Working towards performances including Knowle West Fest.

Bristol Refugee Festival

What a beautiful community event in Page Park for Refugee Week. ‘Celebrate With Me’ was a day of dance and music performances and workshops.

MWOTY Awards

Congratulations to Ithalia for being awarded Runner Up for Arts and Culture at the Merseyside Women of The Year awards 2022!

Taking Flight

The mythical birds have recently performed at Winsford Creates Festival, Liverpool Against Racism and Now Northwich Festival! Check out the forthcoming dates…


The pupils who took part in the performance have all had such a fantastic experience and the whole school was delighted to enjoy the presentation of the rehearsals and performance. Inspirational!

Cath Piercy, Childwall Abbey School 

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