Meet The Team

Founder Directors

Penny Caffrey

I’ve been dancing ever since I could move to be honest – my mum said I always stood up in my pushchair and would never sit down! Read more…


Ithalia Forel

One of my earliest memories is dancing with my dad on the Carnival float around the streets of Liverpool. Read more…


Maria Malone

Movema gives me a supportive network of individuals who have a common goal, who believe that communities are stronger when they’re together and understand each other. Read more…


Pei Tong

I went from Malaysia to study Pharmacy in the UK, during this time I was introduced to Salsa and I loved it! Read more…


Associate artists

Sheetal Maru

Senior Associate Artist

Anywhere in nature is perfect for dance. Especially on a beach with water in the background. Or on a hill, in greenery… 20 questions with Sheetal


Lauren Croxford

I joined Movema just over a year ago through St Helens Council & ESF’s ILM programme, and I’ve loved being a part of such a welcoming, community-focused organisation. Read more…


SENIOR Administrator

Ella Leimbach

This role interests me because of the work Movema does in the community… where I feel I can contribute something that makes a positive impact in people’s lives.


Dance artists

Patricia Mateus

More info about Movema artists coming soon! 🙂

board of trustees

Ngozi Ikoku


It is only through forgiveness and acts of love that we can truly learn to respect and understand one another to help us to live together peacefully as ONE. Read more…

Kofi Ohene-Djan

It’s time to move forward together. Let’s understand each other, let’s respect each other, let’s dance together, let’s live together. Read more…

Mike Cunningham

It’s a pleasure and privilege to be able to support such a talented and motivated group of people.  Everything that Movema does brings colour and light to the world.

Rory Taylor

Being a massive fan of music from around the world (incl. boogaloo, cumbia, afrobeat, highlife, bhangra, samba & tropicalia), I’m keen to explore the connection between music & dance, and how dance can have a positive impact on people.


Ayo Akinwolere

Award Winning Broadcaster

I’m really proud to be a patron of Movema. I think it’s really important at the moment that young people and their families have the opportunity to learn about different cultures in their society and also to express themselves and keep fit and active.

Daniel Haggis

The Wombats and Dan The Man

Movema are a fantastic company, working to inspire and educate people. They make more people aware of different types of music and dance from around the world in a really friendly and fun way. I especially love getting my leotard on and grooving to their Bollywood routines!