Spread Your Wings

The Spread Your Wings event marked the launch of the Wildfire Rising Year 2 Programme.

Wildfire Rising is a led by Movema and Cheshire Dance, funded by Arts Council England with the shared vision of removing inequalities and racism within the dance sector. This year focuses on self-care, access and authenticity.

Spread Your Wings was also part of Liverpool’s Black History month, commissioned by Culture Liverpool – Liverpool City Council.

As part of the event attendees were able to:

  • Find out about bursaries and training opportunities for artists.  
  • Meet and explore opportunities with our Wildfire Rising Artists (Global majority artists in the North West) 
  • Deepen understanding of issues and barriers faced by Global Majority Artists. 
  • Develop connections with Global Majority artists and organisations that support their development. 
  • Be part of radical change need to remove racism from our sector. 
  • Dance and enjoy watching dance presentations.

This is a platform that allows space for conversation – and gives voice to artists to communicate and simmer new ideas”

Pei Yee Tong
With thanks to Event Horizon, who have been working alongside the Wildfire Rising programme to document moments that occur throughout the year.

Key speakers include Santosh Nair, Pawlet Brookes and Yandass. Discussions and performance work was presented by the Wildfire Rising artists with Akeim Toussaint Buck.

The minute you move away from who you are, is the minute you lose who you are

Pawlet Brookes

Visual Notes – More Than Minutes

The things I have found strength in, are the things that people saw as weaknesses