Sean Nós for Musicians and Dancers with Ceili

Tuesday 19th November 6-9.30pm
At VideOdyssey at Toxteth TV

An exciting combined event with Sean nos dance classes, specialist tuition in playing music for dancers and a little Ceili to round it all off!!

We are very lucky to have the amazing Aneta Dortová all the way from Galway, Ireland to teach a beautiful and virtuosic style of Irish tap dance called Sean nós (Old Style) dance.

Acclaimed musician Mikey Kenney ( will be teaching the ‘Playing music for Dancers’ session and Maria Malone of @Movema will get everyone dancing at the fun, participatory ceili (Ceilidh/”Kaylee”) dance workshop for all ages and abilities.

6-9.30pm on Tuesday 19th November at VideOdyssey at Toxteth TV

6-6.45 Beginners Sean nos with Aneta
(Suitable for any level)
6.45-7.30 Intermediate Sean nos with Aneta
(Suitable for those with experience in any percussive dance style)
7.30-8.30 Playing for dancers music class with Mikey + jam with dancers
(Suitable for musicians with experience of playing traditional music and dancers of any level)
8.30-9.45 Ceili with Maria and musicians
(Suitable for all ages and abilities!)

Tickets are £10, participate in as much or as little as you like!

There is also a bar with vintage video games for breakout times! What’s not to love?!