Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We have been devastated to hear the many instances where culturally diverse artists have been treated with prejudice due to the colour of their skin. We have taken this time to consider, to protest, to heal and to plan. Through partnerships, by securing funding, and by placing inclusivity as one of the core pillars of Movema’s mission.

We have developed investment and training programmes Wildfire Rising and Making Moves, as part of our Movema Promise.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We stand with the BLM movement worldwide, because all lives don’t matter until black lives matter. We want to create a world we all want to live in.  

A world that we want our children and our communities to live in. A world without fear. A world in which black people can walk anywhere, without fearing for their lives. 

Movema is a diverse led organisation who lead from the root of the community. We come from a place of understanding and lived experience of racism, discrimination, trauma and displacement.  

Movema brings about change through world dance. Our ethos is one of inclusivity. 

Movema acknowledges the need for change. Over the last year we have been listening to the needs of our communities to develop a deeper understanding of how we can utilise our skills, resources and power to remove the barriers of inequalities.  

We feel we have a responsibility as ambassadors to speak out for equality, diversity and inclusion.   

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Promise

For the last 14 years Movema has worked tirelessly, educating people about cultural differences, whilst also celebrating similarities and differences through our artistry and programmes.

Designing performances, projects and training to meet those needs and emerging needs of the isolated and under-represented. 
Our track record illustrates our dedication to being responsive to community needs and to create change.   

We have specific programmes, which respond to the needs of the communities we serve.  

Movema have pledged to treat all communities without prejudice. We commit to this with these promises: 

1) Treat all people with respect, love and understanding. We will have zero tolerance for racism and prejudice.  

2) Using our position and networks to serve our communities, we will be an advocate for change and reduce the inequalities experienced related to skin colour, race, sex, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership and disability. 

3) Create safe spaces where people can come together, to share, to listen and to heal.  

4)  To recruit and develop a team that reflects the diverse communities we serve  

We aim to deliver on these promises, through these key pieces of work:  

Wildfire Rising associate artist programme that removes the  barriers of inequality by investing and supporting artists from African, South Asian, East Asian, & South East Asian diasporas. To  make way for the rising of their artistry, representation and development.   

We want to be part of the change. We want to deepen our understanding of what underrepresented dance artists are going through and we want to continue to invest in black dance artists to break the patterns of injustice.   
We propose to design a fully resourced training scheme & pathways to work with our partners to build a critical mass of specialist practitioners/artists to meet future demand, remain current, relevant & engaging for younger audiences. 

Designing and implementing an EDI strategy  

In order to fulfil our mission of inclusivity, representation and support, we have created an EDI policy and are working towards an active EDI framework, including auditing to ensure compliance with diversity and inclusion practices, and  finding ways to ensure that dance spaces and programmes are inclusive spaces for all people.

A responsive staff training and development programme to ensure our team have an opportunity to listen, discuss and learn. In order to feel ready to meet and understand the needs of the communities we serve. Alongside feeling understood and reflected in our organisations systems, policies and approaches.  

Mapping of diverse networks we will use our position of power to knock on the doors of our education, health, dance and community sectors, to share the unheard voices, to increase opportunity, more jobs, more training, more artistic realisations for diverse people and communities. 

Continued consultation with the community, our team, clients and the wider public.   We want to do this together with our health services, with community leaders, together with the police/ law enforcement, together with activists, communities, normal people living their lives, with schools and educators and together with the dance industry.   
Investing in the next generation – by providing training and placements.  

To invest in those individuals we want to support them fully and help them reach their full potential and also carry on the important work we’re doing  we believe in the importance of educating our young people, giving them these insights and unique experiences of diversity through culture, we know the resonance that has, we have the evidence and we know that we can change their minds and hearts through this work and combat intolerance.   

We want to continue to connect through the power  of dance. Through a shared moment of joy, a shared moment of humanity, above and beyond any racial or social barriers.