Africa Oyé 2022

30 Year Anniversary

Thank you to all the Movema team, artists, photographers, technicians, volunteers, family and friends for making our 13th Oyé Active zone so special!

Big appreciations the Oyé team and Arts Council England for creating the space for us to host our magical programme of local, national and international artists! Thank you to all the participants who shared their energy, moves and voice. For the dances, the songs, the music and the chats that reconnected us.


Our line-up included such a great wealth of artists and community organisations including: World Fusion facilitated by Sheetal & Patricia, Capoeira For All, Staged Kaos, Jubacana, Fatou Sallah & Felix, Samba Livre – Wendy & Roxy, Samba de Roda with Maria & Penny, Sole Rebel, Yoga Bears, Katumba & Taking Flight, Beatlife, Nikens Nkoso, Shakti, Anita Gonzalez, Movema World Dance facilitated by Dori.

Pure joy & energy in the park!

How it went!

Movema contracted 8 local organisations and over 90 artists performed at the Oye Active Zone, attended by over 2100 participants over the weekend!

89% of people gave us 5/5 for learning.

92% of people gave us 5/5 for improving their mood.

88% of people gave us 5/5 for feeling more connected to others.

95% of people gave us 5/5 for being likely to attend other arts events.

A brilliant experience for me and my two children with African heritage