Wildfire Rising Year 2

Movema and partners Cheshire Dance are excited to announce The Wildfire Rising Programme year two, an associate artist development programme that aims to remove barriers of inequality by investing in Global Majority dance artists in the northwest.

This year the organisations will focus on deepening our impact by creating time and space for mental well-being, investing into artist development, and creating platforms and events to host and promote the talent and skills in the North West. The programme will be launched on 16 December 2022 and run until September 2023

1. Artist Development and Support

Wildfire Rising year 2 will engage more ethnically diverse artists in support and development activity through public events and activities. Our aim is that some of the artists who engage with the public facing programme will, in future become WFR associate artists.
Thus, as we consolidate we also broaden the network of ethnically diverse artists and invite them to engage in the programme, fill the skill and employment deficit gap in Movema and Cheshire Dance in this and future years.

2. Platforming and raising the profile of Ethnically Diverse Artists – Inquiring Bodies Series

A series of three Inquiring Bodies events will take place during WFR Year 2. These events will celebrate, create a platform for and raise the profile of ethnically diverse artists in the region. They will share the excellent practice of ethnically diverse dance artists, creating a broader network and visibility amongst dance artists and organisations. Bridging the lack of contact, access and programming in key North West Venues. These events will support the development of new collaborations and relationships between venues/theatres and artists, arts and culture professionals ( programmers, producers, commissioners) and artists.

3. Evaluation

Evaluation will be embedded within WFR Year 2, documenting the process and enabling learning to be shared, reflected and acted upon. A ‘reflect, review, action’ approach will be taken to all programme activity which
will remain reflexive and retain the ability to respond to the needs of ethnically diverse dance artists.

4. Staff Wellbeing and Team Development

Safety and wellbeing of staff and artists is a priority for Movema and we believe that in order for change to happen, artists and staff must be informed and confident around what equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) means for the work we do.

5. Movema and Cheshire Dance & Wider Sector Learning

Movema will further develop our leadership in world dance and training and development for ethnically diverse dance artists. We consider our leadership to be in terms of practice as well as organisational and for the sector.WFY Year 2 will invest in the development Movema Co-Director and ethnically diverse artist Ithalia Forel who champions this work locally and nationally through relationships with a variety of influential organsations including One Dance UK, Irie Dance and Serendipity.

Wildfire Rising Artists

Dorivalda Filipe

Dorivalda Filipe is an artist exploring and developing each day to continuously evolve. In the Wildfire Rising project, she is looking forward exploring her artistic identity, dance leadership, and projects that uplift others.

Ruth Asidi

Ruth Asidi is a multidisciplinary dance artist based in North-West England. Her practice is process driven and co-creational with a focus on self-discovery, animism and the relations between the inner and outer landscapes of the body.

Pei Yee Tong

Pei Yee Tong is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and company co-director of Movema. Involved mainly in dance associated with Chinese heritage, culture and places. Pei loves working with multi disciplinary collaboration of different arts form.

Sheetal Maru

Sheetal Maru is a multi-talented dancer, who’s choreographies offer a juxtaposition of explosive dynamics, with softness, stillness and serenity. Sheetal is passionate about freedom, and creative discourses exploring their identity.

Akil Iko Morgan

As a practitioner of Capoeira, Akil frames their experience in Capoeira as a question, or QUEST-I-ON. Through contemplating their African ancestry, their personal pathway to themselves, and the wider community. Akil was led to
‘Capoeira for All’, an exciting, breathing community interest company based in Liverpool.

Artist Development Support

Ella Mesma

A choreographer, artist, coach and creator. Their work explores undoing limiting beliefs, celebrating cultural and social identities, and inspiring people to return home to themselves.

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