The Great British Baraat

Milapfest and Movema come together on LightNight 2019 for a joyous celebration of the ritual of Indian marriage. Watch Movema, local dancers and Bombay Baja Brass Band join forces to create the traditional and colourful Indian “Baraat”, an exuberant wedding Ritual on Church Street. Come and join the Liverpool and wider communities coming together for an exciting fusion of East and West!

A traditional “Baraat” culminates in a “Milni”, the meeting of two families. In a unique take on this spectacular ritual, two of Liverpool’s cultural organisations will meet in the heart of the city to combine what they do best. Different community groups will join the Bombay Baja Brass Band for a street dance to celebrate India’s larger than life festive rituals.

Milapfest are the UK’s leading Indian arts development trust and have been based in Liverpool for over 35 years. Their mission is to Unite Hearts Through Arts by providing audiences, aspiring artists, and teachers with memorable and inspirational experiences of Indian arts through a dynamic programme of events.

Movema is an award winning, dynamic dance company based in Liverpool and Bristol who believe in the power of world dance for positive change. They are passionate about dance as a tool of self-expression and celebrating cultural differences.


There are two ways you can be a part of this special LightNight 2019 performance commission, either attend a free workshop 2-3.30pm 5th May to learn one of the choreographies.

Or sign up to Movema’s World Fusion Classes to learn the whole show over 8 weeks. Starts 27th March, affordable costs apply. Open to all from all ages and dance abilities

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Performance times:
  • Performance 1: 5.30pm till 5.50pm – Church Street, L1 1DF
  • Performance 2: 6.30pm till 6.50pm – Church Street, L1 1DF
  • Performance 3: 7.40pm till 8.00pm – Bombay Baja Brass Band Only and Location TBC