Southmead Festival

Supported by Bristol Refugee Festival and Arts Council England, Movema artists Keity Pook delivered a series of workshops and rehearsals with Refugee Women of Bristol. During the project the group worked collaboratively to create a dance piece celebrating many cultures and shared experienced, which was then performed to an audience at the Southmead Festival.

The dance told the story of colourful festivals such as Holi and shared experiences of the sea and by the seaside. Audience members were moved by the performance.

Thank you specially for giving me and the rest of our team the opportunity to learn the dance. Keity involved us all in creating the dance and telling our story. It was a true fusion of cultures. Since we worked on emotions and transforming them through our body movements, it felt like a catharsis. I must admit that I was going through a lot of stress and anxiety when I joined the dance group and through the movements I felt better and it supported my mental health.

Project Participant