Put a bit of BLING in your day!

Calling for video submissions for our Knowle West Bling music video!!

In Bristol, Movema and partners Rise YouthDance have been awarded a Dance Connects Residency by Bristol Dance Futures, and are working with Filwood Community Centre & their Filwood Fantastic programme to bring some ‘dance happenings’ to the local area and online!

The first part is a transformation video showing a dull day turning into a ‘bling’ day, and we welcome submissions from residents of Knowle West AND those further afield who want to be involved!

In your video, you can show your transformation and can dance along with our 5 moves too if you like!

For more info, a tutorial video to show you how to do the 5 moves, and tips on how to film your own transformation visit: https://filwoodcentre.org.uk/everybody-dance-now/