Filwood Community Centre, Bristol
Barnstaple Rd, Bristol BS4 1JP

Lunar New Year Filwood

Join us for a vibrant community market and explosion of dance and music. Celebrating cultures of East Asia and South East Asia, as well as our local community!

Movema and Rise Youth Dance participants will be performing at Filwood Community Market at Filwood Community Centre in Knowle West as part of the Lunar New Year Event.

Residents from the local area will be presenting a dance piece based on the Water Tiger, including fluid water movements and the contrasting strength and bravery of the tiger.

There will also be guest performances from Rise Youth Dance and Chinese artists Wawa Chen will be doing a demonstration and Chinese Classical dance workshop.

Crafts made by the group will also be on display around the centre.

Bristol Museum Performance 6th Feb

The following day the group will be performing their Water Tiger piece along with guest dancer Wawa Chen and students from boomsatsuma at Bristol Museum.

Join Us

We run dance and craft making workshops on Wednesdays 6-7pm.
After the Lunar New Year we will be commencing a new stage of the project funded by the Quartet Foundation.

If you would like to be part of the performance group, or know someone who might, contact:

How the Project Started

We were awarded our Dance Connects Artist Residency in lockdown Dec 2020! Between the dance artists Penny and Helen and the team at Filwood Community Centre we had to rethink our original plan…