Birkenhead Park, Merseyside
On the Park Drive road leading to the Park’s Grand Entrance

Dancing In The Park

International Day of Dance in Birkenhead Park

As the grand finale to Birkenhead Park’s 175th anniversary year, we are delighted to be part of the great celebration coming to the park on Saturday 29th April 2023. The event takes place on the International Day of Dance, and features dance performances animated by Movema, music, and youth activities organised by HYPE Merseyside.

On this day, we’ll dance not only for the park’s 175th anniversary, but also what it represents for people. Attendees will have the privilege to see Movema’s Global Folk Dance project – a celebration of stick dances from Ukraine, India and England, as well as an exciting, thought-provoking & spectacular piece Taking Flight based on stories of migration.

Programme (subject to change!)

 10.15   School Choir at Woodchurch Road Primary School. (30 m)
10.50   Olena – Ukrainian Folk Solo (4mins) 
11am   Taking Flight Performance (25 mins)
11.30   TF participation (10 mins)
11.45   Raaga – Kuchipudi Solo (10 mins)
12pm   Global Folk/ Co-Creations group (5 mins)
12.10   Participation –  Morris Dance w/ Steph (20 mins)
12.40   Natalia x 2 Ukrainian dance group performances (15 mins)
1pm   Taking Flight Performance (25 mins)
1.30   TF participation (10 mins)
1.45   Global Folk/ Co-Creations group (5 mins)
1.55   Participation –  Ukranian Dance w/ Olena (20 mins)
2.30   Ukranian Dance Group (10 mins)
2.45   Hype dance (10 mins)
3pm   Finish

Park location – on the Park Drive road leading to the Park’s Grand Entrance. Further info about parking, facilities etc can be found on the website below.

Please spread the word and invite friends and family!

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