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Taking Flight

Inspired by Movema artists’ experiences of migration & informed by refugee and asylum seeker communities with whom we work, ‘Taking Flight’ explores birds’ and humans’ desire for freedom & flight & the role of modern aeronautics to enable this.

An exciting, thought-provoking & spectacular outdoor performance work using the concept of 4 symbolic birds to represent futuristic cyborgs, whose bodies are part aircraft, part bird, part human.

Feng Huang

Based on the mythical phoenix from Chinese culture and stealth bomber aircraft.

Liver Bird

Based on the mythical Liverbird which looks out over Liverpool and across the seas to Ireland and beyond and fighter jet airplanes.


Inspired by the Peacock, the national symbol of India and early aviation and propeller-based aircraft.

Sankofa Bird

Based on the Sankofa bird of traditional Ghanaian Adrinka symbols and vintage passenger aircraft.

Costumes have been created by Liverpool Lantern Company inspired by these birds and by humans’ desire for freedom & flight & the role of modern aeronautics to enable this.

A journey, adventure or search; connecting people and places, with the power to change everything.

We have been summoned. A life of endless opportunity is promised, a life where you can grow. Or be cultivated into a person you no-longer recognise.

Taking Flight – words captured by Ithalia Forel

Commissioned by Dance Consortia Northwest, SpareParts and Now Northwich festivals and funded by Arts Council England.

Tour dates 2022
19 March 2022 Winsford Creates
24 April 2022 Liverpool Against Racism. Sankofa Bird solo.
30 April 2022 Now Northwich Taking Flight Trio.
4 June 2022 Oldham SpareParts Festival Taking Flight Duets
16 July 2022 Launch of Shakespeare North Playhouse
17 July 2022 Fleetwood SpareParts Festival. Taking Flight Duets.
4 September 2022 Maidenhead Norden Farm Kite Festival. Taking Flight Trio

Tour dates 2023
29 April 2023 Birkenhead Park Dancing In The Park. Taking Flight Trio

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