Covid Statement

Throughout the pandemic, Movema has taken a low-risk approach in keeping our team, participants and audiences safe. Whilst our staff have worked hard to deliver our classes and projects successfully online over the past year, we recognise the value of our communities reconnecting physically. In the coming months, we will be working as a team to assess when it is safe to deliver our work, in particular our Liverpool dance classes, in indoor spaces.

With this in mind, whilst the UK Government has recently dropped the legal restrictions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Movema will continue to undertake a responsive approach in reviewing and implementing the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our staff, participants & audiences.

For these reasons, we have made the decision to postpone our move to indoor sessions in Liverpool and we will continue to deliver our fun, friendly classes in outdoor spaces until further notice. Our Bristol branch will continue to deliver a hybrid approach to dance sessions, with both online and face-to-face engagement available. For more information on classes available in both Liverpool & Bristol, head to the classes page

We are aware that some of our communities may be experiencing issues in accessibility to our sessions, and we will continue to provide support wherever possible to ensure that no one is left behind in engaging in our work, be it online or face-to-face. We invite our participants and audiences to reach out for support, information or even just a chat via our social media channels, or by dropping us an email at

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic Movema community who continue to support our work to make it the very best it can be! Further updates on our next steps will be released in due course, but until then, keep on dancing! #movema#classupdate#covidstatement#outdoorclass#liverpool#bristol#keepdancing