Classes in Bristol Recommence

We will be commencing our World Fusion classes with restricted numbers on Tuesdays at The Island, Bridewell Street/ Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2PY.
New time: 8-9pm.

There will be 10 spaces for in- person participants and a Zoom link for everyone else.
We are operating in four week blocks PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND WITHOUT EMAIL CONFIRMATION (see booking info below).

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP Movema and Rise are working in partnership, with the support of The Island.

The fee is £28 for the 4x in-person sessions (booked as a block). Or Move GB members can book through the platform.
For Zoom attendees fees are £5 per class if participants are in a position to contribute, or donations of any amount are welcome gratefully.
Zoom will be available as a week-by-week drop-in.

September block of in-person sessions are now FULL. However we have Zoom spaces available. Please email: / for the link and payment information. To book for October’s 4 week in-person block, please email

Here are some of the safety measures in place:
The studio will be deep cleaned at points during the day, and all group leaders will clean equipment and surfaces.
There are markers on the floor to help us keep a distance.
Classes are limited to 10 participants +teachers. 
There are 1 hour gaps between classes to air the room and wipe surfaces.
Windows will be opened / fans used.
There will be hand sanitizers at the door.
Long basin arm taps in bathrooms which you can turn on and off using your wrist or elbow.

Please use hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands as soon as you enter the building. Wear Masks in communal areas – corridors and toilets.

The markers on the floor will help us spread out and keep a 2m distance at all times. If we do ‘travelling’ dance steps please follow our instructions carefully, as we may lead you from the corners of the room rather than straight across as usual. And have longer gaps between each move etc.
It is essential we work together to keep a 2m distance at all points.

A computer will be set up during sessions for Zoom, and although will be mainly pointed at the teacher, it might catch other participants on camera.  Please let us know in advance if this is a concern for you and we will do our best to set up the camera with a blind spot.

WHAT TO BRING Comfortable light weight clothing that covers as much skin as possible. A bottle of water. Mask for communal areas. Footwear: Trainers/ dance shoes (no bare feet in the studio until further notice). If you are dancing in another pair of shoes, please bring a bag to put ‘outside’ shoes in to lessen risk of transmission.

Avoid changing in and out of clothes at the venue if possible HOWEVER if using public transport, it is safer to change out of sweaty clothes before traveling. Avoid placing sweaty clothes on surfaces. Please wipe down any surfaces you touch (there are cleaning products provided).

If you are concerned about any symptoms before attending, please stay at home (you can join us on Zoom).
If you show symptoms after attending please email/ phone us urgently, and we will contact the other members of the bubble to isolate & follow advice.

World Fusion is a high-energy dance class packed full of music & moves inspired by various traditional and modern styles from around the globe such as Dancehall, Reggaeton, Bollywood and Carnival. As well as the classes, participants will be given the opportunity to perform with Movema and RISE at festivals and community events during the year and meet up for class socials. Level: Mixed level adults 16+
Teachers: Penny (from Movema) and Helen (from RISE).

FURTHER INFO More info please visit our Facebook Group: