All Things Dance Evening Programme

All Things Dance evening session running 5pm- 9pm is an opportunity for dance participants and community to connect over a series of workshops and performances from local & international dance practitioners.

5pm Registration
Tickets are £7 online (free for under 12s). Tickets available on Headfirst
And will be £10 on the door.

Welcome dance facilitated by Penny Caffrey from Movema.
Movema is a dance charity that celebrates diversity through dance. We connecting communities using dance forms from around the world to unite people.
Movema Bristol Facebook

Colombian Dance workshop with Ayahuasca, a group of Latina dancers from Colombia, based in Bristol. Individually, the group came originally from different regions of Colombia, and so they dance folk and traditional dances from all over the country such as Cumbia, Bullerengue and Champeta.

‘It is our way of embracing each other and expressing ourselves through music and dance.’

Sudanese food will be served.
Food tickets are £5 and can be purchased in advance or on the door (however there will be a limited amount).
Tickets available on Headfirst

‘Re-cognizing’ contemporary performance by Chen Yin.

‘I have been contemplating and trying to analyse, what is the essence of the idea of ‘rebuild’, ‘deconstruct’ and ‘rebuild’. While exploring, I did not want to discuss a specific subject. It’s more like putting a ball of coloured entangled threads in a space, inviting the viewer to observe the interior structure and to get an understanding of the thread ball of one’s own.’
Chen Yin


‘Being in touch’ performance by Jan-Ming lee and Laura Moy from Bristol Contact Improvisation.

An offering that invites us to be in touch with ourselves, which includes “No”, as well as distance, as a felt way to find each other together.

Jan-Ming Lee ~  / @janleeuk
Laura Moy ~  / @moyinspiral

Afro Contemporary dance performance from Penny-Marie Avery from Freedom Soul Dance.

Freedom Soul Dance is a beautiful combination of freestyle, West African and contemporary.

Penny has recently facilitated a course of classes with DMAC, supported by the Together Fund.

Sharing of work from Impermanence Dance Theatre, who’s mission is to create transformative, entertaining, world-class productions and build a thriving dance scene in Bristol.
Impermanence are the resident company at The Mount Without, and supporters in kind of All Things Dance.


Movema’s adult community dance group ‘World Fusion’ perform an Afro Cuban dance featuring Rumba, Orishas movement & Conga. This piece was choreographed by Yandy Martinez.
We welcome new members to join our classes which are Tuesdays 7.30pm at The Island, Bristol.
World Fusion on Facebook

Tenzin Sangmo and the Tibetan Cultural Group will share a demonstration and invite people to participate in a Tibetan dance workshop.

“My name is Tenzin, I work as a registered nurse. I am a Tibetan and I love dancing. I love to share my culture with the people here in Bristol, keeping culture alive.’

Capoeira demonstration led by Mestre Claudio Campos.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art which has roots in warrior dances brought to Brazil by enslaved African people. And has been shaped into the art form seen today by various cultures and people of Brazil. Capoeira is ritualistic. It is a dance. It’s a fight. It’s a game. It is History. Music. Community. Capoeira is a way of life.


‘Obatala’ Afro Contemporary performance by Yandy Martinez.

Obatala is an orisha in the Yoruba mythology that was given the task to create the Earth but failed the task by being drunk on palm wine and was outshined by his little brother Oduduwa. As punishment for his negligence to an important task he was given the job to create humans beings.

Yandy’s classes at Piloxercise Studios:
Saturdays 2pm – Afrocuban Cabaret & Freestyle.
Fridays 6.30- 7.30pm – Heel Fusion.


Latin Gems will perform an Afrosalsa dance choreographed by Bersy Cortez.

‘We are a multicultural group of 6 girls based in Bristol, who love Latin dances, especially salsa. We formed as a group at the end of 2022 and we are bringing a choreography by the international artist Bersy Cortez. We have have been practicing for nearly 5months, adding our own flavour to the routine and learning from each other in the process.’

Community Dance Jam

Lottie Ball dance/movement psychotherapist and founder of ‘Get Free Dance Therapy’ & the ‘Body Language’ project, will be leading a closing circle for everyone.
Lottie’s approach to working with movement incorporates Stoic philosophy, Transpersonal-Humanistic psychotherapy and pop culture to utilise the power of dance as a vehicle for positive change.