Afro-Brazilian Masterclass

Leading Afro-Brazilian dancer Murah Soares visited Liverpool for the first time in June 2016!!!

Murah taught Brazilian dances including: Frevo, Afoxé, Barra Vento, Ijexá, and the Orixás providing insight into the culture and history of the music and dance of Brazil. Each session will include a choreography that reflects Brazilian traditions and culture.

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Born in Sao Paul / Brazil, grew up in the Candomblé temple his grandmother in Salvador, he was initiated into the songs and dances of Afro-Brazilian religions since his earliest youth.

Murah established the group “Afoxé Loni” which participates in Carnival across Europe including Berlin, London, Manchester, Dublin and Milan.

In 2007 he founded his own centre of intercultural encounters, the Forum Brasil in Berlin.


This is the forth Masterclass as part of an exciting year programme of incredible dance experiences featuring world famous dancers and choreographers, never before seen in the North West, bursting with authenticity and energy to inspire and push your skills to their limit.

We are thrilled to partner with LIPA to host the masterclass series in the amazing top notch facilities.
The whole programme of masterclasses is supported by Arts Council England.