Filwood Community Centre, Bristol
Or join on Zoom (link below)

Social Value Meeting Bristol

We are incredibly happy to have been awarded charity status and can continue our journey to reach more people and provide quality dance experiences for communities in Bristol and in Liverpool.

To ensure we are offering the right activities and representing the communities we serve, we are working with Social Value Cymru to measure the impact of our work.

On Wednesday 9th Feb at 6-7pm we are running a hybrid meeting where Social Value Cymru will ask questions to participants who have attended World Fusion Bristol Classes & Community Performances OR our Filwood project ‘Everybody Dance Now’.

Attendance can either be in person at Filwood Community Centre where Penny will be with her laptop and snacks!

OR participants can join on Zoom.

Here is the Zoom Link

We would be incredible grateful if you are either currently involved or have been to our World Fusion or Everybody Dance Now project in the past, and can attend this meeting.

Everybody Dance Now – Lunar New Year 2022

Further information:

Dear Participant & friend,

Re Everybody Dance Now at Filwood Community Centre

World Fusion classes and community performances

As a participant that has previously received or is still receiving access to Movema dance projects, I would like to ask if you would be willing to help with a new project/research we are undertaking.  

Your involvement would be to take part in a focus group on Zoom OR at Filwood Community Centre where we will have a conversation regarding your experience with the projects.

Date: Wednesday 9th February 2022

Time: 6-7pm

Place: Filwood Community Centre / Zoom

There will be refreshments.

You would not be asked any personal questions about your past experience; the questions will relate to your experience of working with Movema including weekly classes and performances. Here is some further information about the evaluation.

Movema through the Social Value Cymru project will be conducting a Social Return on Investment project.  SROI is about understanding the impact that the organisation’s work has on the lives of our clients, which we believe is invaluable.

The work done by the project play a really important role in the lives of our communities.  The effects and cost of this is difficult to measure. SROI is not about putting a price on everything, it is about understanding the value of what we do. 

SROI will be of benefit for Movema as an organisation and we hope it will secure future funding that will help to ensure that the service continues to be available.

SROI is a way to understand what has changed in someone’s life as a result of their involvement with Movema.  We will in no way ask about your experiences leading to your involvement with Movema.   Example questions include;

  • What has changed for you?
  • Could those changes have happened anyway?
  • Who else has helped you?
  • How do you think things would be different if it were not for Movema.

All results are completely anonymous and confidential and of course you have the right to withdraw at any time during the conversation.

Eleri or Mathew who are doing the evaluation from Social Value Cymru would also like to hold a focus group with selected clients (which will be an unbiased representative sample) so that they can gain insight and personal opinions from clients in relation to their experience with Movema and how it has impacted their lives.  If you could please consider our request, we would be very grateful.  We completely understand if this is something you are not willing to participate in.  If, however this is something you have considered and are willing and consenting to participate in, please email indicating dates which you are available for a telephone interview and we will contact you to arrange a specific time.

Kindest regards,

Director of Movema Bristol

Social Value Manager,
Social Value Cymru