What other people say about us…

Thank you Team Movema for your amazing contribution to my TV programme – you saved the day! You were professional and adapted quickly to the challenges of last minute changes – to choreograph a routine as quickly as you did was incredible to watch. I would definitely book you again.” Jay Ahmed, TV Producer, 07/06/16.

I LOVE …the instructors, the venue, the energy, the routines, the T-shirts, the opportunities to perform, the variety, the smiles, the pain I get the next day!

Fantastic – wonderful people, fun to learn – love it!!


Schools Workshops

The children loved the class and were really engaged. Roz McDonald, Teacher, Holy Rosary Primary School 09/06/16.

[The workshop] Enhanced children’s knowledge and challenged their ideas of dance and movement. One boy in my class becomes very distressed at anything to do with dance (even discos). However, he happily joined in because the welcoming attitude and fun activities enabled him to put aside his inhibitions. Thank you. J Hudson, Reception Teacher, Holy Rosary 09/06/16

World In A Box – Teaching Resource

‘We have been delighted with the World in a Box Resource. It has lined really well into our Project Based Learning approach which emphasises the importance of the creative and performing arts. The resource provides clear support and guidance to teachers and is easy to use in the classroom’.
Greg Parker, HT, LIPA Primary School 29/11/15
Being active, learning moves and how to teach them is a
real highlight! WIAB is usable by anyone. Elaine Tickle, CPD 28/06/16


This dance was awesome. My daughter loved every minute and was by far the best day I’ve had for ages! Africa OYE 2016

A vibrant & enjoyable dance class. Upbeat teacher with clear instructions. I have a blast and learnt new moves to practice. Thank you Oye! Abbie Huff, Africa OYE 2016

Master Classes

Very knowledgeable, taught at a good pace, very inspiring teacher.
Leena Patel Bollywood Masterclass 12/03/06
I have met new people and learned a whole new style of dance. I will use
this to incorporate Indian style into everyday commercial dance.
Leena Patel Bollywood Masterclass 12/03/06

Very funny teacher, animated & enthusiastic. His energy is infectious!
Murah Soares Carnival Masterclass 11/06/16
I can move new parts of my body!
Murah Soares Carnival Masterclass 11/06/16

Moving Minds / Health & Wellbeing

I enjoyed taking time out of our day and felt more energised during the afternoon having
taken part in exercise during my lunch break. Thank you for providing me with this
Danielle Oakford, 19/08/16 on Lunch time exercise classes, Merseyside Sports Partnership