Where In The World..?

‘Where In The World..?’ is an interactive project and short film based on people from all walks of life dancing around the world. By mixing footage and interviews contributed by friends, family, colleagues and strangers, Movema celebrates our shared love of dancing and the power of dance as a way of communicating with and understanding cultures far from our own.

We used Skype, Youtube, email and other technologies to create a window to view dance from other people’s perspectives, expressed in their words, language, voice and through their chosen movement and location.

Whether dance is; a hobby, a form of entertainment, a profession or a lifeline, this film and project has allowed people to express it in their way.

‘Exhilarating’ (Daily Post).‘I’m all emotional’ (Tilt audience feedback)

Since March 2010 ‘Where In The World..?’ has been screened as part of Moves 10, Moves 11, New Moves, Tilt, Dance 3, Dance Cuts, ADAD Trailblazers and Melaka Arts and Performance Festival in Malaysia.   As well as being used as a resource in schools and colleges locally and internationally in Norway, Brazil and New York.


‘Where In The World..?’ continues as an ongoing project, SO why not become part of Movema’s inspiration by posting us footage of you dancing your dance in your chosen place?!

Please send footage or arrange a file share by emailing:

Directed by: Penny Caffrey and Maria Malone.
Technical support: Jack Whiteley.
Duration: 12 minutes.

Many thanks to everyone around the world who has contributed footage, photos, interviews and support.