Movema’s repertoire includes a range of performance pieces suitable for a variety of events and audiences.

Some of the work focuses on themes relating to our multicultural society, other pieces are a celebration of similarities and differences of people and cultures around the world. Here is an example of Movema’s most requested performances:


Movema has collaborated with BrazUKa to produce DiAsFRICA, a performance piece that brings together music, movement and visuals, tracing the journey of the African Diaspora through the main ports of the transatlantic slave trade and its cultures.

Displaying West African drumming and dancing, Capoeira, Candomble rituals culminating in an explosion of Samba Reggae drumming!  The production brings together a wide array of local and international talent: Batala Liverpool, Sense of Sound, Cabasa Carnival Arts, Capoeira Cordao de Ouro, Insituto Oya & Cortejo Afro (Brazil) musicians from The Soul Rays and We The Undersigned, rappers, break dancers, and much more!

Fiesta Latina

Movema’s exciting new Latin infused performance piece incorporates Salsa, Kuduro and commercial dance styles.  The dancers mix partner work, solos and group choreography to provide a dynamic and spicy display of South American and Hispanic culture.  Great for award ceremonies and celebrations. Duration: 10 mins

United Rhythms

Movema pioneers a unique vision, mixing traditional and contemporary styles and dances from across the globe to give an inspirational picture of British culture today. Featuring dance and music from China, the Caribbean, India and Brazil, with styles such as Salsa, Bharatanatyam, Samba and Chinese Dance mixed with modern ‘Street’ and ‘Contemporary dance’ styles for an engaging and up-to-date fusion.

The show can be performed in or outdoors and is suitable for any age group. It is an exhilarating display of how different world cultures and traditional and modern elements can work together to make something beautiful and exciting.

United Rhythms has been performed at; health event ‘Little Stars’ at the Echo Arena, MDI’s International Day of Dance, Dance on the Waterfront, for the launch of a new Liverpool Mutual Homes scheme, the Black Achievers Awards in St George’s Hall and the Cultural Food Feast in partnership with the MOBO Awards and Culture Liverpool, and The Spirit of Merseyside Awards at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.  Duration: 10 minutes

 Afro Fusion

A high-energy explosion of dance and cultural celebration inspired by African diaspora in collaboration with Africa Oyé.  The piece takes the audience on a journey, featuring Brazilian, Cuban, African and Caribbean movements.

Movema Performance Company’s debut at The Grand National 2012, was a huge success.  Since then the piece has been performed at events including: Zumba CARNIVAL for LIVEBrazil, International Day of Dance (MDI), Black Achievers Awards (MBHMG) and St Helens Festival.  Duration: 10 minutes

Bollywood Dance

Movema’s Bollywood performances show the diversity of influences and styles that make up this popular, fun and exciting dance form, including classical Indian Dance, Punjabi Bhangra, Hip Hop, Street Dance and more. With stunning costume and choreography Movema can provide from 2-6 experienced performers, dancing to a mixture of music from both classic and modern Bollywood films and popular Indian artists.

Movema’s Bollywood dancing was recently featured by BBC Radio Merseyside.

Spanish & Flamenco Dance

Movema’s Flamenco performances feature traditional and contemporary style choreography including; Bulerias, Alergrias, Rumba, Fandangos, Farruca, Sevillanas, Zambra & Gypsy dance. Shows are exciting and exhilarating for children and adults, combining traditional costume, super fast footwork and use of castanets, fans, shawls and body percussion!

Movema have recently choreographed and performed a flamenco dance set for Avanti Television.

Caribbean and African Dances

This set is a lively fusion of traditional and contemporary forms of African and Caribbean dances including Congolese, Soca, Orishas dances, Dancehall, African House and Reggae.  The performances are bursting with energy and excitement, transmitting the joy of dance and self expression inherent in these diverse forms.

Brazilian Dance and Carnival

Samba de Roda is a beautiful dance from Brazil danced in solo and pairs whilst the audience, traditionally in a circle clap and sing along to the infectious rhythms. With it’s origins in traditional dances of the African slaves brought to Brazil during the Trans-Atlantic Slavery period, it is a beautiful reminder of the power culture and dance have to resist suppression.

Axé dance is an energetic and fun dance form danced by young people all over Brazil and South America. The style encompasses traditional Afro-Brazilian dance, Samba, Street-Dance and many other styles. Colourful costumes and large, simple movements mean the audience can’t help but dance along!

Chinese Dances

Movema specialists perform a range of beautiful dances from the different regions of China and Malaysia including Fan Dance, Peacock dance and the graceful and dynamic, gymnastic forms of modern Chinese dance and martial arts.

Can-Can and French themed

Solo or group performances inspired by French folk dance and cabaret.  The dancers wear Can-Can costumes and provide a dazzling display of high kicks, point work and dance theatre.

Salsa & Latin Dance

Movema performers have danced Salsa internationally, in South America, New York and Europe. Originating in Cuba and Puerto Rico this popular dance form mixes a range of cultural influences from the diverse peoples of these islands, hence the name ‘Salsa’ – ‘a spicy mixed sauce’!

Routines are lively, full of character and can be duet or group pieces to spicy Salsa beats of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Where In The World..?

(Film and interactive project)

Where In The World..? is a dance film and interactive project comprising video footage and interviews from people around the world, sharing their movements and stories about dance. Please visit the Where In The World..? page for more info.