Moving Minds

At the heart of Movema’s work is dance for physical and mental well-being.

We run a project called Moving Minds, comprising dance and movement workshops and activities for people affected by mental health concerns.

Movema regularly deliver workshops and lead activities to support people from all walks of life, allowing individuals to express themselves through movement, connect the body and mind and explore their creative potential. We also provide artist development and clinical staff training in this field.

Partnership with LIPA and MerseyCare

Movema: Moving Minds is presently working in partnership with LIPA (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) and Mersey Care (NHS Trust) to deliver a programme of dance and movement sessions in mental health units across the region.

The project has grown from strength to strength and now a team of dance artists from Movema and LIPA regularly provide activities in 14 centres, working with groups and individuals including older people, adults with learning disabilities and addiction units.

This is part of Mersey Care’s Creative Partnerships Programme, in which organisations such as TATE Liverpool, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and The Reader Organisation, deliver artistic, cultural and developmental opportunities for service users and staff.

‘The dance and movement sessions have made a positive difference to individuals as well as contributing to an increase of social interaction and physical activity across the whole ward’
Dr Mary Knowles, Psychiatrist at Ashworth Hospital.
‘I really enjoy it I feel so much better after.  It brightens me up! I have arthritis in my knee but I like doing it sat down too’.
Mersey Care Service User.
‘The quality of provision from Movema and LIPA has been excellent. The activities are engaging and motivating’.
Berenice Gibson, Creativity & Wellbeing Programme Support Manager at Mersey Care.
‘This helps me, I feel relaxed and I like the music. When are you coming back, I’ll be here’.
Mersey Care Service User.

This Dance and Health initiative supports and enhances Movema’s existing programme and objectives, by making a positive impact on the physical, social and mental health and well-being of people of all ages and abilities, through the delivery of dance and culture.

If you would like to book a Moving Minds session or a series of workshops, please complete the booking form.

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