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Example Lesson Plan

Movema recently had a request from a school to lead two workshops that would enrich the pupils understanding of their environmental project about C02 omissions, the destruction of the rainforest and global warming. Please see an example of some of the workshop content below.

Brazilian Dance and Environment workshop

Brazilian dance and movement arts include; Axé, Carnival dances, Capoeira, Maculele, Afro dance and traditional folk dances from different parts of Brazil.  Movema’s workshop delivers creative dance sessions based on themes relating to Brazilian culture such as; The people, festivals and celebrations, the environment, Portuguese language, customs and traditions, Brazilian religions and philosophy.


 Lesson Overview

  • Dance demonstration and short discussion about Brazil.  This includes looking at maps and pictures, learning a few words in Portuguese and understanding some basic information about the country’s history and environment.
  •  Warm up sequences and games.  These exercises are uniquely constructed to safely prepare the body, focus the group and begin to introduce music from Brazil.
  • Learning new dance moves. In each session learners will be taught both traditional and modern forms of dance moves from Brazil.
  •  Origins of the movement.  Participants will begin to understand how environmental, social and economical factors relate to these movement styles.

An example is the ‘machete’ move in Afro-Brazilian dance, where the dancers chop their hand like they are chopping a tree.

  • Dance, art and culture. The pupils will also learn information and facts about the people, language, culture and origins of the dance styles.
  •  Songs and stories. Workshop leaders will teach and play recordings of authentic Brazilian songs which often tell stories about the natural environment including wildlife, rivers and trees.  Instruments made from wood, seeds, skin and dried fruits will also be shown and used.
  • Presentation and performance. As this group were doing a short demonstration in their assembly, the workshop leaders choreographed a short sequence and imparted skills for remembering and performing dance.
  •  Cool down.  This part of the class channels energy, stretches out muscles and concludes the workshop so that the participants are energised yet focused.

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