About Movema

What we do

Our unique organisation represents the vibrancy and diversity of British culture, providing a gateway to new experiences and opportunities for people of all backgrounds.  Since forming in 2009 Movema have reached thousands of people through our five core areas;

World Dance Education programme:
A busy programme of workshops, masterclasses and our new teacher resource “World in a Box”.

Employment, Apprenticeships and Up-skilling:
Work and training opportunities for Movema’s pool of 30 professional and emerging freelance artists and 30 volunteers that work with us throughout the year.

Performances, Choreography and Entertainment:
Movema professional and community dancers perform regularly throughout the year presenting world dance in new and exciting ways to share our vision.  We have a repertoire of professional choreographed shows, performances also include parades, outdoor demos at festivals, club nights and entertainment for companies such as awards ceremonies as well as parties, weddings and other celebrations.

Health through World Dance:
It is recognised that dance provides physical, mental and emotional benefits improving our holistic well-being.  Movema have a regular base of 100 participants attending our weekly classes

World Dance Classes in Liverpool and Bristol. Visit the timetable
We teach Zumba, Yoga and World Dance classes in Liverpool and World Fusion in Bristol, as well as private or members classes in partnerships with gyms and other businesses.

Movema also deliver Moving Minds a programme of Dance and Mental Health.  As part of this project specialist practitioners run weekly movement workshops in clinical units across the region in partnership with Mersey Care (NHS Trust) and LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).

Festivals, Cultural Celebrations and outdoor Events:
Our festival activities are designed to provide an experience of authentic techniques from around the world as well as using modern styles developed from these practices to appeal to a wide audience.