About Movema

Movema Team

As well as the four directors, Movema has an amazing and talented team of artists, teachers, managers, volunteers, collaborators and supporters.

Movema Artists

Sheetal Maru has been a member of the Movema family for near the beginning.  She is a diverse performer who specialises in Bollywood, Indian and contemporary dance styles as well as being a Zumba with Movema instructor.

Patricia Mateus from Portugal is one of our Moving Minds practitioners.  As well as this Patricia teaches ballet, contemporary, pilates, fitness and floor barre across Merseyside and Cheshire.

Jo Ashbridge is a dance artists on the Movema: Moving Minds project.  Jo is also a choreographer and dance artist based in NW and Hull and runs her own contemporary dance company.

Paul Win is a dance artists on the Movema: Moving Minds projects. Paul is also a lecturer at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) and is studying physiotherapy.

Will Hernandez is a dancer from Venezuela.  He teaches Zumba with Movema as well as performing with Movema’s Latin ensemble.

James Furlong is one of Movema’s emerging artist.  He has been leading and supporting Movema’s Community Performance group as well as choreographing and performing his own world dance fused with street styles.

Movema Performance Company, Emerging Artists, Interns and Supporting Artists include:

Sally Davies, Callum Sterling, Alex Gibbons, Grace Turner, Anna Montgomery, Gemma Hancock, Thomas Wooton, Michael Richards, Warren Harris, Rebecca Flemming, Daniel Baird, Tapiwa Mupfumo, Talish Thomas-Lindsay, Rachel Baldwin, Polly Scott, Rupal Maru, Bina Maru, Rikie Kelly, Billiejo Fairclough, Marcus, Megan, Monique Learmond, Zubayer Qureshi, Dominic Turner, Ellen Fraser and more!

If you would like to be part of Movema please email us: info@movema.co.uk