About Movema


Ithalia Forel – Co-Director

Ithalia is a Liverpudlian with a passion for Dance. A graduate of Quality Management, a HND in Dance and an alumna of the Limon Professional Studies Programme (NYC), Ithalia has varied work experience within the arts and education sectors.

Since embarking in a career in Dance, she completed a two-year US tour with CoCo Theatre Company, directed by Cynthia Oliver.

Ithalia has over 5 years’ experience in teaching, her current employment including the position as an Associate Dance tutor at Edgehill University.

In 2009, Ithalia was nominated a Trailblazer by ADAD. She was awarded a grant and professional training. PH Holt Trust also supports her professional development.

A founder of Movema, she is passionate about World Dance using it to make a difference to communities by breaking down barriers with culture and fun.

Additionally, Ithalia is key to developing Youth Dance in Liverpool, and has recently managed a project called “Dance Away” funded by LYS and MYA, engaging disadvantaged 13-19 year olds.

Ithalia aims to inspire and motivate through World Dance, so all can discover the creative and health benefits of moving. So what’s stopping you?  ‘Let’s Dance!’

In 2011 Ithalia won the Female Achievers Award at Merseyside Black History Month’s Achievers Awards.