About Movema

The story so far…

Movema was founded in Liverpool in 2009 by Penny Caffrey, Ithalia Forel, Maria Malone and Pei Tong.  Each member was on their own journey through dance, culture and identity, when they realised that by bringing all of their collective skills and experience together, they could create something unique.

Since then the collective has grown into a thriving orgnaisation reaching out to thousands of people each year.


Movema is an exciting and dynamic company providing world dance activities for everyone.  Our unique team represents the vibrancy, energy and diversity of British culture.  We share our world dance skills and knowledge to:

  • Re-energise body and mind
  • Celebrate different cultures
  • Realise the creative experience

Movema has worked across the world and currently operates in Liverpool and Bristol.

Our vision is to increase our reputation for quality, creativity and innovation in our work; to create a well structured and sustainable business model in order to allow the team to explore new opportunities nationally and internationally.


Movema is a Not for Profit company Limited by Guarantee. (Reg 07031968).

Movema would like to say a huge thank you for the support we have received since forming in 2009.  Without this support many of our amazing projects would not have been possible.